Somalia to Access High-Speed Internet

Somalians are set to access high-speed networks in the near future, following the signing of a deal that will connect the country to satellites and fiber optic cables. O3b Networks Ltd, a satellite provider that incorporates investors such as Google Read more ›

RDB Express Commitment to Develop Rwanda’s SMEs

The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has vowed to create conditions to promote the growth of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country. Speaking at a conference on the 2014 World Bank Doing Business report, Valentine Rugwabiza Sendanyoye, CEO Read more ›

Djibouti’s USN Requests Independent Mediators from AU

The Union for National Salvation (USN), a coalition of Djibouti’s opposition parties, have disclosed that they sent a delegation to the African Union (AU) to request for independent mediators to settle the disagreements they have with the ruling Union for Read more ›

UNHCR, Kenya & Somalia Sign Agreement to Repatriate Somali Refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the governments of Kenya and Somalia have signed an agreement to facilitate the repatriation of approximately 500,000 Somali refugees. The three party agreement signed on Sunday categorically states that the refugees Read more ›

Kenyatta to Re-Shuffle Government

The Kenyan government is allegedly planning a major re-assignment of officials in top state positions including ambassadors and other parastatal office holders. The new appointees, due to be revealed in the coming days, are expected to fill important positions which Read more ›

Sudanese Sugar Company to Begin Exporting Ethanol to the U.S.

Sudan’s Kenana Sugar Company (KSC) could soon begin exporting Ethanol to the U.S. The trade is set to begin once the potential American buyer receives the necessary clearance from the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). KSC’s managing director, Read more ›

Uganda’s President Publicly Tests for HIV

In a rare move, Uganda’s President has publicly tested for HIV as a demonstration of his dedication towards fighting against HIV/AIDS in the east African country. The leader’s act was considered a spectacle by many, in a country where leaders Read more ›

Child Family Health International Collaborates with Uganda

Child Family Health International (CFHI) recently revealed that it is expanding into Uganda to complement the nation’s struggling healthcare system. The organization, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, places students from health professions alongside community members in developing nations Read more ›

Kenya’s Attorney General Urges Parliament to Enact New Wildlife Bill

Githu Muigai, Kenya’s attorney general is urging the nation’s parliament to enact a new wildlife bill in an attempt to put the disturbing rise of poaching under control. Speaking in a forum at the International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement meeting Read more ›

Bomb Blast in Ethiopia Kills 4

A bomb blast is reported to have killed four people in Segno Gebeya, western Ethiopia. According to government spokesman Shimeles Kamal, the explosion occurred inside a minibus traveling in the region bordering Sudan on Tuesday night. Officials say the incident Read more ›

Ethiopia to Host 3rd Annual Family Planning Conference

Thousands of scientists, advocates, political leaders, and health care experts from around the globe will convene in Addis Ababa from 12-15 November for the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP). The conference will center on the premise “Full Access, Full Read more ›

Tanzania Complains of Being Sidelined in East African Bloc

Previously a model of regional integration, the EAC is seemingly demonstrating indications of cracking under the pressure of competing agendas. Apparently too cautious and slow for the rest, Tanzania is slowly being bullied out of crucial decisions and possibly out Read more ›

Odinga Warns EAC Against Isolating Tanzania and Burundi

Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has cautioned leaders of the East African Community against isolating Burundi and Tanzania. This comes after representatives from Burundi and Tanzania have been notably absent from two landmark ceremonies for the EAC—the signing of Read more ›

Ethiopia Commemorates Victims of Lampedusa Disaster

The government of Ethiopia has honored the victims of the boat tragedy, which occurred close to the Italian Lampedusa island in October. Last week, the Ethiopian House of People’s Representatives decided the national flag would fly half-mast in commemoration of Read more ›

Ethiopian opposition accuse government of illegal detention and abuse

An opposition party in Ethiopia, Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ), claims that more than one hundred of its supporters and members faced illegal detention, abduction, and assault between July and September this year. The party’s leader also alleged that security Read more ›

ICC postpones Uhuru’s trial to February

The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) trial of Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has been postponed to early next year after an admission by the Prosecution that more time was needed for proper preparation. President Uhuru is expected to be at The Read more ›

Kenyan government launch anti-corruption website

The Kenyan Strategic Digital Communications Unit have launched a website to allow citizens report instances of corruption directly to President Uhuru Kenyatta. The revolutionary website allows people to anonymously report cases of corruption along with documents like videos, audio recordings Read more ›