Uganda police warn of impending terrorist attack on Martyrs’ Day

Uganda Police Force have issued a public alert concerning a planned terrorist attack next month during the commemoration of an important milestone for the country’s Christian community. Deputy Police spokesperson, Polly Namaye, who briefed the press in Kampala on Friday, Read more ›

al Shabab attack Hotel in newly liberated Town

Islamic militant group, al Shabab, have killed up to eleven soldiers and injured many more in a failed attack on a top hotel in Buulo Burte, Beledweyne in the Hiran region of southern Somalia – one of the areas won Read more ›

Car Bomb near Somalia’s National Intelligence Headquarters Kills 12

A car laden with explosives reportedly drove into a tea shop near Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency headquarters in Mogadishu on Thursday, killing 12 people, including some security officers. Several other officers and civilians are reported to have sustained Read more ›