The process of arranging workplaces, products, and system to fit the people who use them is called ergonomics. There is a very common perception that you have heard of ergonomics as it is only about seating actually it is much Read more ›

Deaths in childbirth

According to WHO 2015, report majority of maternal deaths are due to hemorrhage, infection, unsafe abortion, and eclampsia (very high blood pressure leading to seizures), or from health complications worsened in pregnancy. In Ethiopia every year 11,000 women die due Read more ›

Car accident in Ethiopia

Car accidents are very common in Ethiopia and the majority of these vehicle crashes on the road are caused by human error. Every year thousands of lives are taken by horrible car crashes. Though it is necessarily important to drive Read more ›

The first AI Anchor News

The new era of artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing a huge and new way of life to the world. A report done by Arm technologies about future aspects of AI indicates the following points. On a survey called “AI today Read more ›

Women Empowerment in Ethiopia

Increasing social, political and economic strength of women’s in Ethiopia is still a huge concern. In fact, more than 70% of Ethiopian population resides in rural areas and getting high school education is not easy. Distance, education materials, personal insecurities Read more ›