The process of arranging workplaces, products, and system to fit the people who use them is called ergonomics. There is a very common perception that you have heard of ergonomics as it is only about seating actually it is much more. In general, ergonomics comes from two Greek words ergo and nomos. Egro means work and nomos mean law and it can be stated as interfacing man, machine and environment to optimize safety, productivity and comfort. Fitting the work task to the human. Human factor studies have been used to learn more about human abilities, capabilities, and limitations in order to improve the interaction with environments and system.
Employees have been complaining about workplace problems such as discomfort, pain injuries, and short or long-term disabilities. Bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, cartilage and vertebrae are some of the human musculoskeletal systems. The human musculoskeletal system is very sensitive. Workplace problems may bring musculoskeletal disorders(MSDs). Most common occupational problems include back strain and tendon disorders.

Why is Ergonomics important and what should you do when you sit?
Researchers reported that lower back pain is the most common work-related disability in the world and it is affecting employees from office and building sites. Proper usage of ergonomics will create a safe, comfortable and productive workspace by bringing human abilities. To avoid back pain problem, if your work asks you to sit for long and work on a computer you should follow the following seating positions. Stand with back straight, sit up straight, arms to the side, shoulders relaxed, elbows in 90-degree bend, wrists straight (“handshake” position) and head face should be straightforward.
In Ethiopia, there is an expansion of road construction and many contractors fail to provide safety materials for their employees. Employees are always asked to buy their own safety shoes, hamlets, and gloves by their own selves. Hence construction workers are low paid they don’t want to buy safety materials and that puts their life in danger. Sometimes they will buy some cheap safety material and it would be destroyed and there are also employees who don’t want to put safety material. Contractors should provide safety materials for their employees or they should not hire employees, who don’t have safety material. To ascertain that they should provide a written document to the government about safety materials and their rule and regulations. The government should also follow the process and put the appropriate fine for those who don’t meet the requirement.

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