Internet Scammers Use Mandela’s Name to Rob Public

Internet scammers are using the name of the late Nelson Mandela’s grandson Ndaba, to demand money from the public, according to reports.

Scammers are reported to have illegally used the name of  Ndaba to demand money for membership fees to the African Rising Foundation, where Ndaba is the chief. The African Rising Foundation is reported to have discovered this disturbing development and cautioned the public on Friday.

According to the foundation, there are two Facebook pages opened for this purpose. The scammers are asking people to send an e-mail to an address (falsely reported to belong to Ndaba), to request membership forms in order to join the foundation. Then they are required to deposit money at specific supermarkets and e-mail the the deposit code.

Ndaba Mandela said to reporters “The Africa Rising Foundation is not asking the public for money in lieu of membership fees. We appeal to the public not to respond to this scam. If anyone has indeed paid over any money, we ask them to report this to the police. As the Foundation, we have also reported the matter to the police and have opened a criminal case.”

Africa Rising Foundation was established by the two grandsons of Nelson Mandela, Ndaba and Kweku Mandela, in 2010. Its main purpose is to create a positive image of Africa around the globe through publications, films, media and social interaction in order to positively affect the mind set of young Africans.

Although the idea of Africa Rising Foundation starts in South Africa, it’s long term goal to give the entire continent a new image.

But is Africa rising? Ndaba mandela once answered this question to Forbes Magazine.

“Yes, Africa is on the rise. If you look at Africa 10 years ago, Africa was a completely different continent. Fast forward to today, there are governance structures that are currently being put in place. Structures that enable transparent and accountable governance where Africans can hold their leaders accountable for their actions. There are economies that are booming and growing across the continent.” He added that above all it is the rise in the pride, dignity and confidence of the people of Africa that is exciting.

The foundation believes that the rise of Africa will be a cultural revolution led primarily by the youth. Creative people like filmmakers, authors, fashion designers, musicians, architects, educators, artists should leave their foot print in the new image of Africa.

Africans always blame  the western media for  portraying  the dark sides of the continent most of the time. Civil war, drought, poverty, economic crisis are phrases that seems to be attached to the word “Africa”. But passionate people like Ndaba are hopeful that the young African generation can change the world’s perception about Africa.

Over all, the most powerful tool in shaping the perceptions of the world is the media.The colonial image of Africa shouldn’t always be the one that pops up when we hear the name “Africa”.

Photo: Africa Rising Foundation

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