Kenyan authorities arrest 10 Westgate suspects


The Kenyan Police have confirmed, via their Twitter page, that about 10 suspects have been taken in for questioning in relation to the Westgate attack. One suspect is reported to have been shot in the heat of the exchange.

Earlier today, Kenyan authorities confirmed that they have regained control of the entire building except the supermarket where the terrorists are camped. It is unclear if any progress has been made beyond this point.

This attack continues to make headlines across the world. Presidents from nations all over the world have expressed their support and sympathy for the Kenyan people, while urging the authorities to do all that is possible to save the hostages. According to official sources, possibly all the hostages may have been taken out of the building.

Since the unit behind the attack is made up of people from different nations, there would be a lot of international attention on the suspects and their trials. The authorities have not confirmed if any of the arrested suspect appears on the list released by al shabab earlier or if the list assisted them in making the arrests.

Jonathan Kalan/AP Photo

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