Bircham International University in Kenya?

By William Martin

Bircham University logoBircham International University does not operate in Kenya. This institution of distance learning is meant for mature professionals. Its main office is located in Spain and it has students everywhere in the world completing degree programs by correspondance. The ICEX, Institution of Foreign Trade from the Spainish Ministry of Economy, defines Bircham International University as a private independent institution of distance learning higher education that offers adult degree programs at professional, undergraduate and graduate levels through sound updated curricula, and an innovative method of instruction.

John Bear, a renowned expert in Distance Learning Universities, and author many editions of the book “Bears Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning” has revisited Bircham International University in 2013, and he explains that: “Bircham International University describes itself as a practitioner of non-formal education. As such, while it operates legally under Spanish law, it is not formally recognized by the Ministry of Education of Spain (where it is located), although the Ministry has acknowledged the relevance of the concept, and, along with other countries in the European Union, is working toward establishing policies to identify, evaluate, and recognize those entities offering non-formal education. Bircham does not have (nor does it need to have) recognized accreditation.”

This notice intends to clarify that Bircham International University is a legitimate institution of higher education despite of the fact that the BIU distance learning degree programs are not recognized by the Kenya Council of Higher Education. Bircham International University directors wish to confirm that they do not have any presence in Kenya nor any collaboration with other any college or educational institution in Kenya.

Quoting again John Bear: “In the process of choosing any school, the prospective student should determine, as best he or she can, that their credential will meet both their current and predictable future needs. Based on the testimonials offered by Bircham University, it seems clear that there are many satisfied people with the their credential.” According to these words, it appears that Bircham International University is not a dubious institution as it may have been considered in the past.

William Martin
CEO & Vicepresident
Bircham International University