Kenyan Man Allegedly Wakes up Several Hours after being Pronounced Dead

In a peculiar incident, a Kenyan man allegedly woke up in the mortuary after medical staff had pronounced him dead for about 15 to 20 hours.

The medical staff at the Naivasha District Hospital had confirmed the death of the purported suicide victim before they made the terrifying discovery, reports indicate.

According to media reports, Paul Mutora, 24- a resident of Limuru, had been rushed to the hospital after supposedly drinking insecticide following an argument with his father. According to Mr. Karanja, Paul’s father, he had sent his son to the nearby market to transport farm produce using a donkey cart when Paul allegedly damaged it.

The father reported that an argument ensued after which Paul reportedly threatened to commit suicide. According to reports, Paul made good on his threat and supposedly ingested insecticide. The family then rushed him to hospital while in a critical condition, sources say.

Witnesses told the media that mortuary staff fled when the victim’s body moved and started breathing the following day. Numerous mortuary attendants reportedly fled when Mr. Mutora woke up and began calling for help inside one of the chambers where he was to undergo embalming.

A father of one, Paul’s condition had reportedly worsened and he was pronounced dead at approximately 11pm before the medical staff took him to the morgue, sources say. On Thursday morning, the victim’s father and relatives are said to have viewed his body at the morgue.

Reports also indicate that the victim’s family had started making funeral arrangements after visiting the morgue. Upon being informed that his son had regained consciousness, Mr. Mutora expressed his shock during an interview.

Back home, relatives had to pull down a tent they had been using to welcome the mourners who had gone to console the bereaved family. The hospital staff then took Mr. Mutora back to the male ward following the chilling discovery, reports indicate.

Dr. Joseph Mburu, the hospital superintendent, said that the victim had received anti-poison medication upon his arrival at the hospital. He further asserted that the medication might have resulted in the false impression of Paul’s death.

The superintendent suspects that the drug slowed Paul’s heartbeat, resulting in the mistake. During an interview, Dr. Mburu stated that atropine could at times slow one’s heart rate and cause pupil dilation. He further asserted that medics use these two observations to conclude that someone is dead.

Medics at the hospital say the victim is out of danger and is recovering in the ward following his ordeal. During an interview, Mr. Mutora claimed that he had made a mistake. He further apologized to his father and was seemingly ready to take care of his child and wife.

Meanwhile, numerous members of Paul’s family have accused the hospital of carelessness. In his defence, Dr. Mburu alleged that the medical personnel did not understand the effect of the drugs used to treat Mr. Mutora’s poisoning.

The bizarre incident drew the attention of curious onlookers who wanted a glimpse of a man who had resurrected from death.

Authorities have since initiated an investigation into how the victim mistakenly ended up in the morgue at the Naivasha District Hospital.

Photo: KTN