OLF-Shene launches targeted attacks against Amhara people in west Shoa

Forces of the rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) have launched targeted killings against ethnic Amhara people in Dano district in western Shoa zone in Ethiopia’s Oromia region.

Dressed with Oromia Special Forces’ uniform, the attackers opened fire against ethnic Amhara residents and killed an undisclosed number of farming communities, witnesses told Zegabi.com.

Children are not spared from the targeted attack which according to the eyewitnesses was committed through indirect involvement of the regional security members.

The residents have been yelling for help yet no response either from the federal or regional government.

Crisis Map Ethiopia has unveiled that OLF has taken control of either side of the main road along the Addis Ababa to Amhara region.

It warned that the rebel force could launch similar attacks against drivers and civilians living along the road.

Meanwhile, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front has launched no attack against the Amhara region in bid to recapture the Wolkait and Humera areas by force.

Despite its promise to the people of Tigray, TPLF did not launch a massive attack marking its 47th founding anniversary.

Its forces, however, made some provocations in the Alamata front amid continued fighting in Afar regional state.

At least five members of the Amhara Special Force have been killed in an ambush in Chilga district in north Gonder zone of Amhara regional state.

According to the Amhara Media Corporation, members of the Qimant extremist group allegedly killed the Amhara Special troops.