Ethiopia urges Sudan and Egypt to meet GERD recommendations


The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday issued a statement calling for a collaboration between her government and the governments of Sudan and Egypt in building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The collaboration is aimed at fufilling the recommendations of the International Panel of Experts concerning the dam’s construction.

The dam is part of Ethiopia’s efforts to increase its export of electricity to neighboring countries. The GERD is expected to be ready in about 20 years, will be the largest hydroelectric dam in West Africa – currently, it is only about 28% done. The GERD would take up a considerable amount of water from the Blue Nile and this could severely affect the water supply of communities down stream. This has been a major source of concern for the governments of Egypt and Sudan. Ethiopia controls about 85% of the water in the Blue Nile.

The recommendations of the International Panel of Experts are supposed to ensure the GERD is constructed according to international standards and that the effects of the dam on the general water level of the Blue Nile will be minimal.


Photo by Michael Poliza/ Getty Images