Deaths in childbirth

According to WHO 2015, report majority of maternal deaths are due to hemorrhage, infection, unsafe abortion, and eclampsia (very high blood pressure leading to seizures), or from health complications worsened in pregnancy. In Ethiopia every year 11,000 women die due to childbirth. Women, who live in rural areas of Ethiopia lack knowledge about the importance of hospital deliveries and the risk of unskilled birth attendants. Maternal deaths have a huge impact on social, psychological and economic aspects of the country. Many children are left motherless and their life, which typically includes death, have been in trouble. Poor transportation, lack of hospital and health sectors, cultural beliefs in rural areas also plays a great role.

Dr. Abdurhman Suliman health ministry of Ethiopia reported that every year in Ethiopia more than 3.1 million women get pregnant and among from them only 868,000 women go to the hospital for delivery. The remaining 2.3 million women give birth in the home and a lot of life has been lost due to bleeding during delivery, which risks both the mother and Childs life. There might be a different complication during delivery, and it is only those professional birth attendants know what’s happening and what measurement should be taken accordingly. However, not knowing the importance of skilled hospital deliveries, being reckless and cultural beliefs is still causing fatalities during childbirth. Teaching the importance of giving birth in a hospital, first aid pieces of training will reduce death during childbirth. Currently, the ministry is working hard to increase the number of women delivering in hospitals by teaching the importance of hospital deliveries.

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