Sudan to export electricity to Eritrea

The Government of Sudan has agreed to supply electrical power to neighbouring Eritrea during a visit by President Isaias Afwerki to Khartoum last week.

Reports indicate that work on the 45-kilometer transfer line between countries has already began. Online sources have revealed that the electricity power line is expected to have a capacity to transfer about 66 KV.

President Afwerki also discussed and entered agreements with President Omar al Bashir in other important areas including trade, border security and petroleum.

There are speculations that Sudan is set to also begin transferring fuel to Asmara. But according to a top Sudanese official present at the meeting, no agreement has been reached on this issue yet.

Last year, the Sudanese government signed a deal with Ethiopia that will see the former supply its neighbour 100 MW of electricity.

Ethiopia has also entered into similar deals with up to 6 other east African nations to supply them surplus power upon the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Photo/Sudanese Online

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