Yellow fever outbreak in Sudan’s Darfur region kills 67

(12 News) - The Darfur region of Sudan is already plagued by war, poverty and hunger. But now, World Health Organization officials say it's facing a new and dangerous problem. The World Health Organization says Darfur is in the middle of a growing yellow fever outbreak.

Yellow fever is highly-contagious disease that typically presents as a fever with nausea and pain -- and fades in a few days. But without effective treatment, it can lead to liver failure -- and is often fatal.

As of Friday, the disease had killed 67 people in Western Darfur.

Sudanese officials say the fever is taking the lives of one in three people who get infected.

The WHO says it will implement a series of measures aimed at stopping the disease.

But officials say they need four-million units of vaccine to really be effective.