Facebook Testing Fake News Filtering App in Germany

Late last year, the German government announced its plans of passing a new law that would fine Facebook $535,000 if it failed to remove any fake news posts within 24 hours.

The move was likely a way to avoid the same problems that were caused by fake news during the recently held United States Presidential Elections. While it may not necessarily be a direct cause, Facebook has now announced that it will be testing its new fake news filtering system in Germany this week.

Facebook has not mentioned specifically whether the move is a direct response to Germany’s threats, but the company has mentioned that Germany is just the first of many in its plans to introduce the filter to other countries.

The filtering system essentially allows users to report any news posts that they think are fake or misleading. German users should be getting an option to report any post as early as now.

Any post that is flagged by a user as a fake will then be sent to the Correctiv, a non-profit fact-checking organization that follows the Poynter’s International Fact Checking Code of Principles. If the organization finds the post or news to be indeed fake, the post will then be removed as a priority on Facebook user’s news feeds. Reporters of the alleged fake news will also get a link to an article that explains more about fake news.

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