Alleged Painting of Queen of Sheba Confiscated by Saudi Court

The Court of Appeal in Al-Jawf region, north of Saudi Arabia, has ratified a verdict to impound an antique painting named the “Ambria” until a final ruling is issued to determine the proprietor of the contested art piece.

The possession of the painting of a woman, claimed to be the Queen of Sheba adorned by gems, has being vied by several people including a Saudi businesswoman.

Originally, the antiquated canvas was purchased by a Saudi businessman, based in Tabouk, while he was in Ethiopia. Once back, he was dragged into a lawsuit initiated by others claiming ownership of the painting. However, the court ruled in his favor.

Later, another contender, a well-known football player, emerged claiming ownership of the painting. He took his case to a Tabouk court requesting it is impounded till a final verdict is reached.

His request was granted and ratified by the court of appeal, according to “Sabaq” website.

Source: Al Arabiya English

[Photo by A.Davey/CC BY 2.0]

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