Ugandan Captain Arrested for Masterminding Plot to Kill, Rob Eritrean Businessman of 2 Million Euros

Source: Geeska Afrika

A Ugandan soldier has been arrested in connection with the kidnapping and murder of an Eritrean businessman with the intention of stealing two millon euros (Shs8 billion) from him.

Capt. Hakim Mangeni and his alleged accomplices; Mr Ben Lumu and Rucy Katuramu were arrested by the police Flying Squad Unit (FSU) at the weekend over allegations of killing Deniel Weldo, 32.

Mr. Andrew Kaweesi, the police spokesperson, said the trio duped Weldo, an Eritrean businessman who worked in South Sudan until the recent conflict in the country forced him to relocated to Uganda. The suspects offered to help Weldo get a visa to Germany from where he could transact business.

Mr. Kaweesi said the suspects, under the guise of securing Weldo a visa, realized that he had over two million euros on his Ugandan accounts and hatched a plan to eliminate him.

“Weldo was reported missing on October 27. The police mounted a search. This weekend recovered murdered at a farm in Busia District of Kenya. Three suspects have been arrested and charged with murder,” Mr. Kaweesi said told journalists at the police headquarters in Kampala on Monday.

Mr. Kaweesi said the suspects connived with two local banks and transferred Weldo’s money. He, however, declined to reveal the banks for fear of litigation.

“This racket involved two commercial banks. We have learnt some employees of local banks conspire with criminals to defraud foreigners who have a lot of money on their accounts,” Mr Kaweesi said.

He said criminals and some bank employees have resorted to killing clients who have big amounts of money in their accounts and withdrawing the money expecting nobody to trace the crime.

He said Weldo was the second Eritrean to be targeted by criminals this year although the first one survived being killed and his about money was not stolen.

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[Photo by Adam Jones/CC BY-SA 2.0]

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